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Today @ Challengers… We don’t often publicly mix our personal beliefs with the business side of running Challengers. We do it privately; of course we want to run our business in accordance to our personal morality, but we usually don’t broadcast it or get involved in Internet disputes or pilings-on. That being said… 

DC Comics is releasing a new anthology series, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, which features a story by sci-fi author and vocal gay-rights opponent Orson Scott Card. The book will be released digitally first with a printed edition to follow. As you can imagine, there is quite the comics community uproar over Mr. Card’s personal beliefs. In fact several stores are boycotting the book altogether. We are not going to do that. Instead, we are offering you the choice to buy this book from Challengers, knowing that if you do, we will donate 100% of our profits from each sale to the the Human Rights Campaign. 

I think W. Dal Bush put it best when we were discussing this via email: I’d rather take his book, that his royalties might go to anti-equality causes, and use it to fund pro-equality causes. Plus our profits per book are more than his royalties per book, so, like, double f**k him. 

For more on this comic:

For more on the Human Rights Campaign:

And the alternate title for this post is, “Seriously, F**k This Guy.”

This approach doesn’t help. Even if the book is sold from a good-intentioned store which is giving the proceeds to charity, DC Comics still gets their money and they view Orson Scott Card as a person that can sell comics.

A better course of action would be for comics fans to directly donate the purchase price of the book to the HRC on the day it comes out and then email DC to let them know that they did it and why.

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    An interesting solution to DC’s decision to employ an actively anti-gay writer for a Superman title.
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    This approach doesn’t help. Even if the book is sold from a good-intentioned store which is giving the proceeds to...
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    rad idea!
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    Well played, Challengers. Much respect.
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    I love this comic book store.
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    Do you guys deliver internationally? ;)
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    can buy a comic written by a bigot...actually feel good about
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    I’d like to join Challengers in their sentiments towards Mr. Card. Seriously, fuck that guy.
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