My 1-Star Yelp review for Delilah’s At The Terminal

I’ve tried Delilah’s twice now and that’s all the chances they’ll be getting from me. The first time the food was mediocre, the second it was downright terrible. The famous mac & cheese is really nothing to write home about., so certainly don’t make a special trip to try it. The fried chicken I got on my first trip was alright, but by no means spectacular. The chicken I got on my second visit was awful. It was the most dry, desiccated chicken leg I’ve ever experienced. Delilah’s mashed potatoes were clearly institutional-grade instant, to which no attempt had been made to jazz them up. Not so much as a pat of butter. The corn bread, which came gratis with my $12 meal, was extremely bland.

The stand is awkwardly situated at a busy corner with only one 8”x11”, small print copy of the menu, right at the register, so you basically either have to crowd the people who are getting their food and get nasty glances from people who think you’re cutting in line, or wait until you’re being served to decide what you want. As you can imagine this greatly slows down the ordering/serving process, which is already complicated by the fact that you can barely hear the server over the noise of the market. 

Posted 7 February 2012, 2 years ago | 29 notes
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